Kuncai americas and independent chemical sign agreement for cosmetic distribution

Independent Chemical will represent KUNCAI Americas nationwide with the full range of cosmetic effect pigments supplied to customers.

KUNCAI Americas is the US-based marketing and sales organization for the parent company, Fujian Kuncai Material Technologies Co. Ltd. KUNCAI manufactures world-class pearlescent pigments for plastics, coatings, and cosmetic markets, specializing in synthetic mica products. Mara Golitz, CEO for KUNCAI Americas, said, “We are pleased to announce the addition of Independent Chemical to our distribution team. They will allow us to extend our representation in the cosmetic industry and serve our customers in providing innovative cosmetic effects and exceptional customer service.”

Independent Chemical Corporation has provided the prompt delivery of liquid and dry chemical products from major domestic and international manufacturers for over 70 years. They offer a wide range of specialties and commodities for skin, hair, color, and lip treatment. These include actives such as peptides, moisturizers, film formers, silicones, surfactants, colors, preservatives, and more for the cosmetic industry.

KUNCAI is a leading global pearl effect pigment supplier with over 20 years of expertise. One hundred patents for our substrate engineering, manufacturing, product technology, application technology, and fully automated production and packaging infrastructure at all sites ensure the production of high-quality, innovative effect pigments. KUNCAI effect pigments help support the latest trends in color cosmetics, whether the objective is to create sparkle, shimmer, a multicolor effect, or iridescence. A variety of colors and effects offer countless combinations for beautiful cosmetics in nearly all applications.


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