Kuncai is one of the leading manufacturers of effect pigments for highly demanding automotive and exterior applications. By using a multilayer-coating technology and different dedicated surface treatments, we can provide the right choice of pigments for different coating systems. Our range of pigments for exterior use is characterized by a strictly controlled particle size distribution and meets stringent process inspection requirements for accurate and stable color control, weathering resistance and adhesion.


Kuncai also recommends using weatherproof pigments for interior applications when the performance requirements for the product are more stringent and include aspects such as protection against humidity or UV light. Typical examples for this type of application include furniture applications as well as bathroom or kitchen interiors which are exposed to moisture or water.

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Product Features:

  • Fine and narrow parti cle size distribution
  • Pure silver white, strong interference and intensemetallic luster effects
  • Superior weather-resistance performance
  • Suitable for water- or solventborne application systems
  • Eco-friendly production process


Available product lines:
WR – For Powder and Plastic Coatings and other Systems – Trivalent-based Weather Stabilization
SW – for Solvent and Waterborne Systems – Chromium-free Weather Stabilization
FC - For Coil and High Temperature Coatings – High Performance for Applications