What we offer 

Kuncai offers a wide range of effect pigments based on various different substrates, from natural to synthetic mica and borosilicate. Based on advanced production and process technologies, Kuncai offers best-in class products especially when it comes to color intensity, high chroma and high reflection effect pigment characteristics. We also supply special products for demanding outdoor applications, cosmetic applications and specialized industrial applications.


  • A Focus on Three Major Product Substrates (Natural Mica, Synthetic Mica, Borosilicate) 
  • Small to Big Particle Size Effect Pigments with Optimized Particle Size Distributions 
    High Color Intensity
  • Strong Chroma
  • High Reflection
    All Major Color Areas (Silver White, Interference, Gold, Metallic and Multicolor) 
    Special Effect Pigments for Demanding Industrial and Cosmetic Applications 
    On-site Application Center 



Each substrate gives the final product its specific characteristics. 


Characteristics/ Pigment baseNatural Mica Synthetic MicaBorosilicate
Particle Size Range Fine, medium, coarse  Fine, medium, coarse Fine, medium, coarse
Hiding Power*   High  Medium Low 
Effect Characteristics Typical pearlescent effects   Purer, more vivid and sparkling colors   Strong multicolor sparkle with distinct base effect color  
Effect Options Silver white, Interference, Metallic effects  Silver white, Interference, Metallic effects,  Multicolor  Silver white, Interference, Metallic effects,  Multicolor 
Transparency of Pigment**  Low 

Medium (2nd generation)

High (1st generation) 

Product Series  Standards:  KC Pearls   Crystal DinaStar
Product Series  Premium:  SyaKarp®  Chameleon


*relate to the same particle size  

**in relation to different substrates