Also see: Synthetic Mica /Borosilicate

Eye-catching multicolor effects with amazing color travel – this is what Chameleon is about. Dramatic color flops over different colors are the core competence of this product range. The Chameleon pigments are based on synthetic mica or calcium sodium borosilicate. By selecting the optimal substrate for each color flop, we can guarantee the greatest possible effect. A striking appearance for your final product is a certainty. The colors are strong and vibrant, particularly in low viewing angles, and transition through several colors as the viewing angle changes.



Product Features:

  • Synthetic Mica or Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate
  • Superb Multi-Color Effect
  • Available in a Variety of Color Styles
  • Intense Colors
  • Particularly Expressive on Dark Colors
  • Strong Three-dimensional Sparkle
  • Available in Industrial and Cosmetic Grades
  • Small, Medium and Coarse Particle Sizes