Expanding Color Purity with new Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide Pigments

The titanium dioxide and iron oxide pigment market is an established one where technical innovation is rare. Kuncai has spent nearly 10 years developing a groundbreaking new production process based on a revolutionary extraction method that differs significantly from traditional chloride or sulfate processes. This new production process and related intellectual property rights are wholly owned by Kuncai.


The extraction process has the potential for significant and fundamental improvements in energy consumption, safety, environmental protection, labor and quality.


To demonstrate the state-of-the-art product innovation, Kuncai has combined parts of the chemical formula of the product with the initials EX in the brand name for the new series of titanium dioxide and iron oxide.

EX stands for Kuncai's proprietary EXtraction production method, EXcellent product quality, and EXclusive competence in product engineering: TiOEX and FeOEX.

TiOEX series – Titanium dioxide
FeOEX series – Iron oxide