In industrial applications, our DinaStar and Diamond calcium sodium borosilicate-based pigment range achieves the highest transparency and the most intensive multicolor sparkle. Cosmetic applications will benefit from the qualities of our BoroStar pigment range. These product lines have the most neutral base color (provided by the substrate) and the lowest influence on the background color. The products from these ranges furthermore add a lively sparkle to the final formulation.



Product Features:

  • Ultra-Transparent
  • Exceptional Reflectivity
  • High Chroma Colors
  • Superb Interference Colors
  • High Brightness and a Pure Colorful Gleam
  • Intense Multi Sparkle Tones in One Color
  • Smooth and Even Surface Structure
  • Virtually no Shattering
  • Low Heavy Metal Content
  • Free of Natural Impurities


Application Benefits:

  • Completely Transparent
  • Vibrant, Clear Colors
  • Extreme Sparkle Effects
  • Even a Low Concentration Dose Produces a Strong Effect
  • Suitable for Trendy Holographic or three-dimensional Sparkle Effects