Also see: Synthetic Mica

Aurora pigments are based on synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite). Kuncai has developed a proprietary and partially patented state-of-the-art manufacturing process for synthetic mica. This enables us to produce a constant quality of both substrate and pigments. Synthetic mica flakes are highly transparent, feel very smooth and have a regular surface. Characteristically, the powder of most of these pigments is pure white in color. All display a high brilliance and excellent chroma.


Due to the high transparency of synthetic mica, Aurora fillers give you complete freedom to formulate matte or glossy and transparent finishes. There is no impact on color. A pleasant skin feel is guaranteed.



Product Features:

  • Synthetic Mica
  • Silver White, Interference, Red, Pink, Gold, Metallic, Black and Colored Pigments
  • Cosmetic Fillers
  • Very Smooth and Regular Surface
  • High Transparency
  • Stronger and Purer Color Tones Compared to our CosPearl series
  • Pure White Powder Color (for most but not all Aurora Pigments)
  • Small, Medium and Coarse Particle Sizes
  • For Cosmetic and Personal Care Applications Only