The products from the TiOEX 8 range consist of titanium dioxide produced using the latest HCI extraction process, coated with dedicated inorganic metallic oxide by hydrolyzation, finished with a special organic surface treatment. Pure white titanium dioxide powder packed in 25kg porosity extensible multi-layer kraft paper bags as commercialized products. 
The product’s fine and uniform particle size distribution, lower absorption, special inorganic layer as well as the organic surface treatment result in an excellent optical performance and exceptional dispersion properties in a wide range of plastic products.
- Excellent optical properties
- Good dispersion performance in plastic masterbatches
- Exceptional dispersibility, low viscosity influence
- Fine and uniform particle size distribution
- Pure white powder color
TiOEX 803
for masterbatch and compound applications
Wide range of medium and high-quality plastic masterbatches, plastic floor adhesives, PVC, pipes, rubber products, injection molding and compression molding materials, various plastics for industrial use as well as polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyolefin, and engineering plastics applications.
TIOEX 803 is available in 25 kg bags. 

Technical Process: HCI Extraction Process
Crystal Form: Rutile
Form: Powder
Average particle size (laser diffraction - µm): 0.23 - 0.25
TiO2 content (ISO 591-1 - %) 98.00 - 99.00 
Alumina content (%): 0.50 – 0.70
Organic treatment (Carbon Sulfur Analyzer & ICP): Yes
Volatile % at 105°C (ISO 787-2): < 0.2
Density (ISO 787-10 – g/cm³): 4.0 
pH Value (ISO 787-9): 7.5
Oil absorption (ISO 787-5 – g/100g): ≤ 15.0
Color: Bluish white
CIE color system (L*): ≥ 99
Tinting strength (ZT-MOA-38 - %): ≥ 100
Carbon undertone (ZT-MOA-38): ≥ 16.0