Also see: Synthetic Mica


Strong pronounced reds, oranges and earth tones with vibrant sparkle are the optical features of our Setallic series. Our superior synthetic mica substrate (fluorphlogopite) with its advanced production technology and subsequent multilayer coatings characterize these sophisticated pigments. Defined coating layers of Fe2O3 give this product range outstanding color intensity, great saturation and a three-dimensional depth with good coverage. The relationship between sparkle, color intensity and particle size has been optimized to such a degree that these pigments are highly recommended for a wide range of high value applications.



Product Features:

  • Synthetic Mica
  • Multilayer Technology
  • Strong Red, Orange and Red Earth Tones
  • High Chroma
  • Vibrant Sparkle
  • Good Hiding Power
  • Industrial and Exterior Grades Available
  • Small Particle Size
  • Tight Particle Size Distribution