Kuncai’s key product lines are pigments based on the company’s core competence: synthetic mica. Its transparency and properties as a substrate ensure the pigment has a limited influence on the background color and allows for greater color intensity.


The thinness of synthetic mica platelets and their rounded particle structure produces a very even surface appearance after application. Depending on the application system in which the effect pigment has been integrated, this can also result in improved haptic properties. Cosmetic functional fillers, in particular, are characterized by a smooth texture and an outstandingly pleasant skin feel.

As synthetic mica is more flexible and shatter-proof than its natural counterpart, its use in paints and masterbatch production results in a much more limited loss of effect intensity in the end application than one would experience with natural mica.


Product Features:

  • High Transparency
  • Exceptional Reflectivity
  • High Chroma Colors
  • Bright and Clear Base Color
  • Intense Interference Colors
  • Smooth and Very Even Surface Structure
  • Reduced Cracking
  • Low Heavy Metal Content
  • Very Low Level of Natural Impurities
  • Intense Metallic Sparkle
  • Reduced Energy Consumption During the Production Process
  • Environmentally Friendly Production Process (no Wastewater and no Air Contamination)


Application Benefits:

  • Greater Color Intensity
  • Vibrant, Clear Colors
  • Pure Color Tones without a Grey or Yellow Tinge
  • Extensive Styling Potential for Every Color Shade
  • Silver White Effects with a High Degree of Whiteness and Vivid Luster
  • Interference Color Tones with Intense Color
  • Metallic Colors with a Pronounced Metallic Appearance
  • Less Impact on the Background Color than Natural Mica
  • High Brilliance and Gloss
  • Extended Hiding Power
  • Smooth Skin Feel
  • Suitable for High Temperature Applications