Also see: Synthetic Mica

The Kyntaline series offers strong color intensity and good hiding power on our optimized substrate: synthetic mica. Kyntaline combines the advantages of a neutral substrate with a multilayer coating technology for the oxide layers that exhibits and supports color purity, brightness and reflection power. If you want to draw attention to the premium positioning of your products, then Kyntaline is the ideal choice, regardless of application. This product line includes both silver white and interference pigments with a fine, medium to very coarse particle size distribution.


Product Features:

  • Synthetic Mica
  • Multilayer Technology
  • Good Hiding Power
  • Pure Silver White and Colorful Interference
  • High Chroma
  • Exciting Sparkle
  • Narrow Particle Size Distribution
  • Small, Medium and Very Coarse Particle Size Distribution
  • Mostly Industrial Grades; Some Silver Whites are Available in Exterior Grades