The human eye is naturally drawn to color and sparkle. That is why effect pigments are such a potent marketing and positioning tool for manufacturers of all types of products from ceramics to furniture and even food. Our effect pigments not only make them more attractive, but also protect them from external influences. The applications for effect pigments are only limited by the imagination.

Beyond the traditional application areas of cars, cosmetics, architectural coatings, plastics and printing inks, effect pigments add luster and color to textiles, packaging, rubber, leather, jewelry and toys, to name but a few. The insulation, construction, marine, footwear and household appliance industries also rely on the benefits of effect pigments. In essence, the options for use are endless. Talk to us to discover in what way our effect pigments can enhance your product.


Additional application areas:
• Ceramics
• Construction
• Footwear
• Furniture
• Household Appliances
• Jewelry
• Leather
• Marine
• Packaging
• Rubber
• Textiles
• Toys

Relevant products for these applications:


Effect pigments