Pearl luster pigments can be produced from thin platelets of the natural mineral, mica.
The platelets are covered with a thin layer of metal oxides such as titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide. The interaction with light refraction, reflection and interference creates unique luster and color effects. It is possible to achieve silver white and colored pearl, as well as gold and metallic luster effects while the iridescence also allows for the creation of angle dependent color designs. Depending on the size of the effect pigment particles, effects vary from silky matte to sparkling. This also means that the finer the pigment is, the opaquer the film will be. Conversely, the coarser the pigment, the more transparent is the film.


Product Features:

  • Classic Pearlescent Effect
  • Low Transparency
  • Good Reflectivity
  • Wide Spectrum from Silver White to Interference to Gold and Metallic Luster
  • Good Hiding Power
  • More Uneven Surface Structure
  • Some Natural Impurities
  • Heavy Metal Content Influenced by Natural Substrate


Application Benefits:

  • Most Extensive Range of Colors
  • Pigments that have been Proven for Decades
  • Color Tones may be influenced by the Natural Mica Substrate
  • Silver White Pigments with a slightly Yellow Tinge
  • Multiple Interference Colors
  • Rich Metallic Colors
  • Outstanding Brilliance and Gloss
  • Extensive Styling Potential for Every Color Shade and Application