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Neomica represents the next generation of natural mica pearls. This product line sets the new standard for traditional effect pigments based on natural mica. Thanks to a special production treatment, the performance of the finished product has been greatly enhanced compared to standard natural mica pearls. The particle size has been improved to guarantee optimal hiding power and reflection properties. Neomica combines the optimum in diffuse scattering and directed reflection in one product line.



Product Features:

  • Natural Mica
  • Silver White Colors
  • Increased Hiding Power Compared to Standard KC Pearls
  • Improved Reflection Properties Compared to Standard KC Pearls
  • Less Yellowish on Light Background Colors compared to Standard KC Pearls
  • Good Value in Use Ratio
  • Very Good Chroma
  • Only Available in Industrial Grades
  • Small, Medium and Coarse Particle Sizes