Kuncai – A Leading Global Effect Pigment Supplier

Kuncai has been manufacturing effect pigments for more than 20 years. When you have been producing pigments as long as we have, you get to understand the nuances of different application requirements, appreciate what customers want to achieve and recognize opportunities for creative innovation. That is why we invest in state-of-the-art labs and R&D to offer customers around the world pigments they can rely on to make their products shine.


With subsidiaries and official distribution partners in all major markets, Kuncai can supply customers worldwide with sophisticated effect pigments on all key substrates in a matter of days and back that with local service and technical support.

Kuncai Europe is a marketing & sales office headquartered in Vaassen, The Netherlands, responsible for Europe and Turkey. The formation of the European branch coupled with the formation of Kuncai Americas advances the global supply capabilities of the Kuncai brand to better serve our multinational customers. With warehousing centrally located in the Netherlands, Kuncai Europe B.V. is able to supply customers within a matter of days. Furthermore, a well-equipped lab is installed for quality control and technical service.

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Creators Of Pioneering Effect Pigments

Kuncai’s expertise has grown over more than 20
years of engineering pearlescent pigments.
Constant innovation in technology and production
infrastructure ensures state-of- the-art effect
pigments for local and global markets