Synthetic iron oxides have greater tinting strength, precise color reproducibility and higher chemical purity than natural iron oxides and have increasingly replaced them. The composition of synthetic iron oxides ensures excellent physiological and ecological compatibility. In addition, our iron oxide-based products are not harmful to the environment or human health. Applications for iron oxide pigments range from construction materials (natural coloring of concrete, plaster, paving stones, etc.) to paints (decorative and corrosion protection), plastics and paper. 
Our product line is called FeOEX - the EX stands for three things: EXtraction, our proprietary manufacturing process, EXcellent product quality, and EXclusive product engineering expertise.
The first series we offer is our FeOEX Red Series. It offers five different shades of red. Compared to standard grades, Kuncai offers a narrower but not micronized particle size distribution that also provides a high level of opacity.


FeOEX 100

FeOEX 110

FeOEX 120

FeOEX 125

FeOEX 130


Kuncai’s iron oxides offer the following performance benefits:
- High purity
- Intense colors
- Strong hiding power
- Low heavy metal content
- Low impurity rate
- Good dispersion propertiest

- Sound thermal stability
- Low oil absorption properties- Good value in use

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