Kuncai Europe B.V. and COPCI SAS sign a letter of intent for a distribution agreement

Kuncai Europe B.V. and COPCI SAS, a company of the Nordmann Group, have signed a letter of intent for the distribution of cosmetic effect pigments in France effective April 1st, 2020. COPCI SAS will represent Kuncai Europe in France for the full range of cosmetic effect pigments supplied to customers. The letter of intent will expire on December 31st, 2020. There are plans to replace it with a joint distribution agreement in 2021.

Kuncai Europe B.V is the European marketing and sales organization for the parent company, Fujian Kuncai Material Technologies Co. Ltd. Kuncai manufactures world-class pearlescent pigments for the plastics, coatings and cosmetic markets, specializing in synthetic mica products. Arrie ten Caat, CEO for Kuncai Europe said, “We are delighted to announce the addition of COPCI SAS to our distribution team. They will allow us to better serve our customers in France by providing local inventory, excellent customer service and a knowledgeable technical team.”

COPCI SAS supplies raw materials and products to various industries. The company offers raw materials to the chemical, metallurgical, coatings, casting, molding, polymer, rubber, plastic, glass ceramic, and food industries. COPCI SAS is headquartered in Annecy-le-Vieux in Eastern France and is part of Georg Nordmann Holding AG. Nordmann is a leading international chemical distribution company. It distributes natural and chemical raw materials, additives and specialty chemicals across the world. The Nordmann group represents major manufacturers from around the globe in 25 locations. It has also own laboratories as well as a wide network of reliable logistics partners.