07 July 2021


Irresistable Enchanting Violet - A graceful cascade of blossom

19 May 2021

New Cosmetic Pigments 2021

2021 – A year of special moments. Experience our Cosmetic Pigment Highlights 2021.

19 May 2021

Aurora COSMI 819V Orchid Violet

Earthy red and heavenly blue - Aurora Orchid Violet - A powerful purple violet.

19 May 2021

Aurora COSMI 818V Twilight Rose

Illuminated by the sunset - Aurora Twilight Rose romantic and multifaceted.

07 April 2021

Two Amazing Golds for Special Occasions

BoroStar Champagne Gold and Borostar Golden Mange inspiring with two new interesting gold tones.

26 February 2021

Desire for Summer – CosPearl Glittering Metallics

Earth Colors Kissed by the Sun. Four perfectly harmonizing colors that can be combined with a wide variety of color cosmetics. 

24 November 2020

Colorful Black

Hardly anyone can resist the magnificent dark South Sea pearls, grown in the Pinctada margaritifera shell. They are enchanting with their unusual and, at the same time, unique dark play of colors.

15 September 2020

Fancy Color Diamonds

Borostar 3D Flashing Diamonds

Sparkle with Multicolor Highlights Explore our range of stunning effect pigments based on calcium aluminum borosilicate with fascinating multicolor highlights and the scintillating sparkle of fancy color diamonds.

11 August 2020

It’s all about the Glow!

Create the Perfect Look!


Discover this natural looking warm beige with a reddish-golden hint and a brilliant shimmer, which matches skin complexions perfectly.