Kyntaline Purples

From casual to glam with Kyntaline purples. A complex color of many different facets from spiritual blues to rosy reds, violet is considered to be the one of the most complex colors. It creates a balance between the spiritual blue of the sky and the fiery red of the earth. Intensive and rich pigment color tones in shades of blue and red give industrial products an outstandingly bright chroma and exceptional reflectivity. Created without the addition of organic colorants, Kyntaline Purples exhibit an impressively intense and pure body color, vibrant sparkle, and good hiding power. The color is stable without risk of bleeding, fading or migration in every final application. The Kyntaline Purples product series is based on synthetic mica (Fluorphlogopite), which delivers purity of color, brightness, and outstanding reflective power.

Kyntaline Purples 1